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Reactive Dyes for Cellulose

Jakazol and Jakofix branded Reactive Dyes from Jay Chemicals are versatile dyes that can be used in a variety of printing processes including Warm Exhaust, Hot Exhaust, Cold Patch Batch Dyeing, Pad Dye Thermofix among others.

Reactive dyes are known to have superior fastness properties due to the molecular bonding that occurs during the dyeing process. Reactive dyes are commonly used in dyeing of cellulose like cotton, wool and nylon. Reactive dyeing is a well accepted method for the coloration of cellulose fibre as it attaches itself to their substrates by a chemical reaction to form a covalent bond between the molecules of the dye and the fibre. The dyestuff or color thus becomes a part of the fibre and reduces the likelihood of its removal or fading during washing, when compared to dyeing by adsorption method. This formation of covalent bonds with the substrate to be coloured is one of the most important characteristic of Reactive Dyes.

To get specifications for a specific Reactive Dye manufactured by Jay Chemicals, select your dye/printing process in the table below, click a product from the applicable range of Reactive Dyes to get specifications and downloadable brochure for the your specific requirement. Recommended colouration process details are also provided, to provide you all the information required to satisfy your requirements.

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