Dyes, Auxiliaries & Garments

What we offer

No matter in which parts of the major sectors of the textile wet processing industry you are placed, we pride ourselves that in most cases, we are able to offer a solution for your requirements. This includes several ranges of Jakazol and Jakofix reactive dyes for the dyeing & printing of cellulose, 3 ranges of Jaylene disperse dyes for the colouration of polyester and other synthetic fibres, and Jay auxiliary products for pre-treatment, dyeing & printing, and finishing. Our dyestuff ranges now include Antelos inks for digital printing from our German daughter company. The final member of our textile division is our ready-made jeans facility, located in India.

Reactive Dyes for Cellulose

Making a dyeing/printing process selection, followed by a product range selection, leads you to individual dyestuff information ...

Disperse Dyes for Polyester

Select the appropriate disperse dye based on low, medium or high energy dyes.

Textile Auxiliaries

Suitable for various stages of Textile processing; Pretreatment, Dying & Printing and Finishing

Denim Garments

A fast growing sister company involved in garmenting of denim jeans with high level automation and finishing options.

Digital Printing

Comprehensive range of AntelosĀ® inks for Digital Textile Printing on natural and synthetic fibers.

Construction Chemicals

Looking for new opportunities and using four decades of experience in manufacturing