Sales Network

If you are out there, we are close.

Sales Network

However innovative we might have tried to be, our march into the 21st century of global business would have led to nowhere without the support of an organized distribution network catering to both domestic and international clients.

Our confidence rides on the strong shoulders of more than 50 channels of distribution in the domestic market. Moreover, our products are exported to over 40 countries around the globe and are available in most of the dye-consuming centres around the world with the help of our skillful marketing associates.

Our product offering extends to a variety of reactive and disperse dyes befitting each market segment and catering to various application processes like warm exhaust, hot exhaust, cold pad batch, continuous dyeing and printing.

Marketing Network

Products are available through well appointed agency network and the company is actively filling up gaps by either having its own establishment or agency network in regions where there are no representations as of now.